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Yo Mama's like a library - open to the public.
Yo Mama's so stupid she stole a free sample.
Yo Mama's so stupid that when she saw a "Wet Floor" sign
    she did.
Yo Mama's so stupid she can't read an audio book.
Yo Mama's so stupid she thought Thailand was a men's
    clothing store.
Yo Mama's so stupid she thought Meow Mix was a dance record
    by cats.
Yo Mama's so stupid she failed a survey.
Yo Mama's so fat, when she backs up she beeps.
Yo Mama's so fat she's on both sides of the family.
Yo Mama's so fat her belly button has an echo.

Yo Momma News: 06/08/2007
June 8th, 2007: MTV Introduces YoMomma.TV
MTV Adds User-Generated Vids to TV Show "Yo Momma"

MTV: Music Television today introduced two new user-generated destinations – YoMomma.TV and ShortCircuitz.MTV.com – where viewers can upload videos of themselves dishing out their best Yo Momma jokes or starring in their own parodies of anything and everything, inspired by those they have seen on the Nick Cannon created sketch comedy show, Short Circuitz. The best user-generated videos will make their way into upcoming episodes of both series on-air. The new season of “Yo Momma” will premiere on MTV, June 11th airing Mon.- Fri. at 6:30pm ET/PT, and the new and improved “Short Circuitz” will hit the air Thursday nights starting June 7th at 10:30pm ET/PT, following the new season of “Wild N’ Out” at 10pm ET/PT.

At YoMomma.tv, viewers can create their own personal profiles, or enter the famed “Battle Ring,” instantly squaring off with others to deliver the best Yo Momma jokes. The winning jokes – as determined by the community – will be incorporated into forthcoming episodes of ‘Yo Momma.’

Though YoMomma.tv is designed to offer the largest catalog of Yo Momma jokes online, an innovative viral application will let viewers share their best – or harshest – repertoires with others. Viewers can superimpose their headshot on top of a virtual jokester, speak all that’s on their mind, and then email their creation to friends, embed it on their own blogs or Web sites, or let it just live on their computer.

The new season of ‘Yo Momma,’ takes its game to Atlanta this season, combing neighborhoods for the most original and skilled clowners who rumble, street-corner style, in each hood. To jack up the stakes this season, celebrity guests – including the Ying Yang Twins, Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri – will make special appearances and help decide the weekly victors.
Yo Momma News: 05/07/2007
May 7th, 2007: MTV Yo Momma Premieres June 4th
Yo Momma premieres June 4th at 6:30 p.m. ET/PT

In this next run of "Yo Momma," the trash-talking heads to the Dirty South for a no-holds barred comedy competition that pits the funniest amateur trash-talkers against one another, hosted by Wilmer Valderrama. In each episode of "Yo Momma," Wilmer searches different neighborhoods in Atlanta to find the most original and skilled clowners. After street-corner style comedy rumbles in each 'hood, Wilmer takes the local champion to his rival opponent's crib to gather comedy ammunition for the final battle.

Armed with personal information from the home invasion, the two finalists go head-to-head in the final trash- talking battle; each joking for respect, bragging rights, cash money, and an opportunity to move on in the tournament to represent the best trash talker of the week and eventually a chance to perhaps be crowned the "Best of Atlanta" in a special episode that features the only four remaining undefeated jokers in the city.
Yo Momma News: 08/11/2006
August 11th, 2006: Yo Momma Casting Call




To be a contestant, call (917) 416-6218 or visit evolutionusa.com for an online application. Must be at least 18 and bring a valid ID to the audition.

To be an audience member, visit 1iota.com and request your free tickets. Support New York's finest trash talkers. Information provided by: MTV.com
Random Jokes
1. Yo Mama so fat, I ran around her twice and got lost.
2. Yo Mama so ugly, Yo daddy tosses the ugly stick and she fetches it every time.
3. Yo Mama so short, she has to get a running start to get up on the toilet.
4. Yo Momma so skinny, she turned sideways and disappeared.
5. Yo Mama so stupid, she stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to say go.
6. Yo Mama so poor, she went to McDonald's and put a milkshake on layaway.
7. Yo Mama so old, she walked into an antique store and they kept her.
8. Yo Mama so hairy, she looks like a Chia pet with a sweater on.
9. Yo Mama so fat, I gotta take three steps back just to see all of her.
10. Yo Mama so ugly, I took her to a haunted house and she came out with a job application.
The Dozens
The dozens is an African American oral tradition in which two acquaintances go head to head in a contest of often good-natured, ribald "trash-talk". They take turns insulting; "burning", "cracking", "ranking", "sparking", "janking", "snapping", "checking", or "riding" — on one another, their adversary's mother, or other family member until one of them has no comeback. Similar traditions exist in other western cultures.

The dozens can be a harmless game of casual, good-natured jibes, an exchange of malicious insults, taunts or, if tempers flare, a prelude to physical violence. While the competition on its face is usually light-hearted, smiles sometimes mask real tensions. In its purest form, the dozens is part of a custom of verbal sparring, of "woofin'" and "signifyin'" ostensibly intended to defuse conflict nonviolently, descended from oral traditions of indigenous West African cultures. Information provided by: Wikipedia.org

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